Karma Sideways Hoop Earrings- Sterling Silver with diamonds

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The Butterfly Effect is a mathematical model of the universe proving that we are so physically connected that if a butterfly flap its wings in The Amazon, in as little as two weeks the air currents it creates could cause a storm in Chicago.

If we are so connected physically, how connected are we spiritually? How does it resonate through the universe every time we use a curt voice, or do a random act of kindness?  What we do to others, we do to ourselves, because there are no others.  We are one. 

Sideways Hoops: If you look closely you will see the outer ring is made of tiny ripples, representing the growing ripples when a pebble is dropped into a pond, and also representing our thoughts, words and actions rippling out. Choose to look for the best to create your own happiness.  And remember that just as a bell can't be un-rung, words can't be un-said nor deeds un-done.  Always, and in all ways, be careful and kind.  

The overflow of diamond dots represents abundance and reminds us of the abundance coming back to us when we put good thoughts, words and actions out into the world.

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Approx 16-18 pts G-VS Diamonds
Karma Hoop Earrings- 18K gold with diamonds
Karma Hoop Earrings- 14K gold  with diamonds
Karma Hoop Earrings- Sterling Silver with diamonds (This one!)


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