Koru Large Pendant/Necklace: Sterling Silver. i3f = Imagine Inspire Innovate Foundation

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Koru Jewelry Collection, in support of "Imagine, Inspire, Innovate Foundation" aka i3f, is the brainchild of it's founder and treasurer, Staci M Alziebler-Perkins.  Staci is inspired by doing good in the world, and loves the Koru both for it's physical beauty as well as it's symbolism of renewal.  

The mission of i3f is to addresses the root causes of conflict, unemployment, poverty and hopelessness, by encouraging the growth of employment opportunities, improved infrastructure, and greater stability. 

Currently working in Kenya, i3f ensures youth have opportunities to build their future and better their communities by providing mentorship opportunities and business plan development support so they can run profitable, sustainable, replicable, socially responsible businesses.  i3f is developing partnerships with the Kenyan based organization, Ongoza, as well as Strathmore Enterprise Development Centre. i3f will select 10 young women through a pitch contest who will participate in a continual training and mentorship program.

Your purchase will assist with current fundraising.  Wearing the Koru will support you in the messages of renewal, and will open conversations where you will have the opportunity to inspire others to get involved as well.  We all do better when we all do better. 

This is a new collection, and is still being developed.  We currently have only the large Koru pendant, and will soon have the small koru pendant, as well as earrings and lapel pins.  

Large Koru Pendant.  Approximately 1/3 larger than a quarter:  1.15" X 1.15" x 0.30"

Small Koru Pendant or Lapel Pins. Approximately the size of a dime:  0.75" X 0.75" X 0.15" 

  • Sterling Silver: $230.00
  • 14K Gold: $1,130.00
  • 18K Gold: $1,580.00

Small Koru Earrings: Approximately the size of a dime:  0.75" X 0.75" X 0.15"  

  • Sterling Silver: $460
  • 14K Gold: $2,260
  • 18K Gold: $3,160

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