Napoli- Oval bangle bracelet. Sterling Silver & CZ

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Napoli- Oval bangle bracelet. Sterling Silver & CZ

Portofino Dreams recreates their original designs in sterling silver, 18K gold plate and glass.  Using the same quality of hand made workmanship, the end effect is the appearance of absolutely fine jewelry at a fraction of the price.  This is oval with a safety catch. 

At a trunk show a woman was admiring one of these bracelets.  As I was explaining the idea behind the line, she indignantly explained that she never buys copies of anything.  It happened that I had the original at the show, so I took back the $895.00 copy, and handed her the $22,000.00 original.    Guess which one she bought?  Well, I guess there is a first time for everything- and I am certain the she is enjoying her copy- - and passing it off as real.  Why not?