Ruffle Earring Jackets with 2 pearl stud earrings. Sterling Silver with rhodium or 18K gold plate.

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The Ruffle Collection, and here the Ruffle Earring Jackets, are designed to look light and delicate, although they are very solid.  The message is that nothing is what it seems, as reminder to look for the best in every person, and every situation.  In this way, we put ourselves in a better world. 

"If I know one thing, it's that I know nothing" (Socrates)

If we keep our heart and mind open, truth and light can enter"

Ruffle Earring Jackets with 3 pearl stud earrings.   Sterling silver with 18K gold plate.

Also available, get both sterling silver and 18K gold plate with three sets of pearl stud earring.

They will also look great with diamonds, colored gemstone studs- or my Fireworks earrings. It's fun to be able to continually mix and match to suit your style, outfit, occasion, and mood.  Great as a gift, because she can wear it her way!

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