Sunflower Necklace- Blue Topaz & Diamonds in 18K Gold & Sterling Silver

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Elegant yet whimsical sunflower pendant featuring blue Topaz petals with Jane's signature dots of diamonds in the center   I thought of making this in solid gold, but to hold the price down made a mix of solid 18K gold on the front, and sterling on the back.  The chain is enhanced with two dots of diamonds coordinating with the flower's center. 

It's my theory that because our eyes see all colors against the background of the sky, that sky blue color goes with everything.  This flash of color is great in spring and summer, and brightens fall and winter outfits. 

If you are looking for something blue, or something borrowed, look no further! 

Approximately 28 pts G-VS diamonds. 
About 1.25" across and 0.4" thick 
Slightly larger and thicker than a quarter

This can also be made in other color stones, other metals, and as a pearl enhancer, bracelet, pin, earrings, etc.

The Sunflower is also available in various combinations of silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones, with or without enamel.  We could also use enamel in different colors.  There are two layers of leaves, center and back which can be any combination of 14K, 18K or silver. We can vary the number of diamonds or other stones to vary the price.  We can customize these to your taste, style and budget.

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Ukraine Sunflower, sterling silver, 18K gold plate, and enamel

Ukraine Sunflower, sterling silver, 18K gold plate, enamel, blue topaz and citrine (This one!)


Sunflower in 18K gold, sterling center, with blue topaz and approximately 33 pts G-VS diamonds 

Sunflower with 18k gold leaves, sterling silver center, and approximately 33 pts. G-VS diamonds


Sunflower in Sterling Silver with approximately 33 pts G-VS diamonds


Sunflower in Sterling Silver with one 2.5 pt. diamond