Ukraine Sunflower Necklace: 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, Blue and Yellow Enamel

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Ukraine Sunflower Necklace

This flower is sterling silver, 18K gold plate, with blue and yellow enamel center.  I also have a Ukraine variation in blue and yellow enamel, and with blue topaz and citrine in my signature dots. 

The backstory:
A young man in Ukraine approached me with the idea of selling my jewelry as NFTs.  It's not something I had thought about, or was familiar with, but... why not? Besides, my family is from Ukraine but came to America in the early 1900s, so I didn't know anyone there, and thought it would be fun to work with him and make that connection.

As I was considering which design to use as the NFT, Putin attacked Ukraine. It was surprising to learn how many of my friends were also Ukrainian. Connected or not, we all want to show support, and more than ever as so many are getting fatigued from all that is happening in the world.  I began playing with designs using the Ukraine flag colors, blue representing the sky above, and yellow representing the endless fields of wheat beneath it.

Then I learned that Ukrainians view sunflowers as a symbol of peace and resilience. Following the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in 1986, Ukrainians planted sunflowers in the devastated area. The flowers not only represented renewal and hope, but they helped extract toxins from the soil.

In my own collection I already had a sunflower so thought it would be easy to add the blue and yellow.  Silly me.  So many were telling me it can't be done to have the two colors of enamel without a line in-between, but I wanted to be true to the flag.  I was thrilled to finally find a talented young woman who tried and succeeded to have the colors without the separating line. I love the organic look of her work.

The Sunflower is also available in various combinations of silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones, with or without enamel.  We could also use enamel in different colors.  There are two layers of leaves, center and back which can be any combination of 14K, 18K or silver. We can vary the number of diamonds or other stones to vary the price.  We can customize these to your taste, style and budget.

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Ukraine Sunflower, sterling silver, 18K gold plate, and enamel

Ukraine Sunflower, sterling silver, 18K gold plate, enamel, blue topaz and citrine (This one!)

Sunflower in 18K gold, sterling center, with blue topaz and approximately 33 pts G-VS diamonds 

Sunflower with 18k gold leaves, sterling silver center, and approximately 33 pts. G-VS diamonds

Sunflower in Sterling Silver with approximately 33 pts G-VS diamonds

Sunflower in Sterling Silver with one 2.5 pt. diamond