Crazy Mixed Media! Maasai Warriors Sculpture & Print in Shadow Box + Necklace/Bracelet in African Paper beads & Chinese pearls

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Milti media: Wood sculpture Maasai Warrior (which I bought in Mombassa, Kenya) in a shadow box along with a print of a Massai warrior painting.  The tall, slim Maasai people captivate me, as they might outlast us all.  Their nomadic culture and ability to farm in many situations makes them uniquely adaptable to climate change.  
        One of the things which fascinates me about third world countries is their ability to create art and beauty from almost nothing.  Included with the shadow box and art is a necklace/ bracelet combination.  The red and black beads are made from boiled magazines, and also bought in Mombassa.   To make the paper beads more wearable to western women I mixed them with Freshwater pearls from China on sterling silver clasps.  These can be worn as one long necklace, a double strand necklace, or a double wrap bracelet and short necklace.  I will include a chain extender to be sure it fits you perfectly.   
 Surround yourself with art, it nurtures the soul.
12" x 15" x 2" 
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