Mini Monk Sees Me. Photo: Signed and framed.

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As I was checking out the sites in Bangkok, Thailand, this mini-monk was checking out me!   There is just something captivating in his serene and inscrutable face.  I wonder what he is thinking.  

Photo:     8" x 10"
Framed:  9.4" x 11.49"  x 1.45"

The elegant deep black and gold frame perfectly highlights the photo.  I left only the mini-monk in color, because just for that moment, this is how the moment of life looked to me. 

Original art makes great, surprise gifts. Being surrounded by original art is good for the soul, and we artists very much appreciate your support.  Artists give our souls to nurture yours. This series of framed photograph is my effort to share the world with you, in beautiful decorative ways, matching the frames to the photos to enhance both.