Little Dancers. Fanning Island framed and signed photo.

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How adorable are these tiny dancers.  Even from the back you know they are putting their heart into the music, which you can almost here from the sway of their little bodies.  I found the frame here in NY city.  It's just rustic enough to compliment the picture in colors and feeling, but elegant enough to look great in any setting.   This would be great for adults or a child's room.  In this mass produced disposable world, it's great to surround children with something they will want to keep even as they grow up. 
      One of my favorite places in the world is Fanning Island, located in The Republic of Kiribati.  This is one of the most remote places in the world, about 1,500 miles from any other land, in the South Pacific about half way between Hawaii and French Polynesia.   Fanning Island is so remote that they ahve no system of running water or electricity.  They live beautifully from the land and sea- but sadly this is soon to end, and they are some of the lowest lying atolls in the world, and will soon be covered by the sea.  Can you imagine in a few short years, this entire nation of people living naturrally will have to enter our high tech world.   Even since my first visit there in 2010, the changes are amazing.  
     Surround yourself with art.  Artists give our sould to nurture yours.  
9" x 7" x 1"