Reflections: Children on a Rock in the Sea. Fanning Island. Photo. Signed and framed.

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There is just something peaceful about the photo of children on a rock in the ocean, and the colorful reflections.  What is more remarkable is the place it was taken, and what is about to happen to them and their world.  

This photo was taken by me on Fanning Island, it The Republic of Kiribati, one of the most remote places on earth, about 1200 miles from anywhere, between Hawaii and French Polynesia.  Kiribati, is an island republic, comprised of 33 coral atolls and isles stretching along the equator. With lagoons and white-sand beaches, many of its islands are uninhabited.  The atolls that are inhabited have no system of electricity or running water.  Imagine a world where food comes from the sea and water from the sky, and now imagine them entering into our life, because this is what must happen soon.  These are some of the lowest atolls in the world, and the entire country will soon be under water and gone.  The people, having never lived with electricity, will be suddenly thrust into our complicated world.  Unimaginable.  

Photo:   4" x 6" 
Framed:   6" x 8"  x .5"

The elegant Italian made frame makes a beautiful setting for the peaceful image.

Original art makes great, surprise gifts. Being surrounded by original art is good for the soul, and we artists very much appreciate your support.  Artists give our souls to nurture yours.