Fanning Island: Peace and "What?" - Signed and framed photo by Jane A Gordon

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Fanning Island is one of my favorite places anywhere.   This mostly unknown country, The Republic of Kiribati, is located about half way between Hawaii and French Polynesia, so remote they have no system of running water or electricity. Sadly they will be underwter in the comming years because the rising sea levels will soon completely cover these low lying atolls.  It is unimaginable how these people, especially the older ones, will adjust to today's modern world.  

In this photo the little girl gives me a great smile and flashes the peace sign.  What I don't unnderstand is why the little boy looks at her with such surprise.  I search for interesting frames and carefully match each frame to the work in a way which most enhances the piece.   Being surrounded by original art is good for the soul.  I put a little of my soul in every piece of work- luckily, the more of ourselves we give away, the more we have to enjoy.   

5" x 7" photo in 9.5" x 11.5" x .75" frame