Skeletan Boat in Greenland Giclee

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"Skeletan Boat In Greenland"  This is probably the only green patch of ground in Greenland.  Funny story about Greenland.  So back in the 800's and 900's while the Vikings were marauding throughout the world raping and pillaging (charming) there was one who even the Vikings couldn't stand named Eric.  Eric kept getting kicked out of countries for bad behavior (Seriously?  What coulld be bad compared to other obnoxious Vikings?)  Eventually Eric was banished to a frozen god-forsaken rock, which he named Greenland in order to trick people to visiting there.  I don't even know what he would do when they got there.    In case you ever get confused, just remember that Iceland is green and Greenlnd is icy.  

Glicee, in other words, photo printed on canvass.  I will be happy to frame it for you.  Just let me know.

16" x 12"