Someone to Watch Over Me- The Sun/Moon multi strand collection.

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"Someone to Watch Over Me" Tiny full cut diamond eyes makes each face twinkle.  Some of the faces I carved myself, as opposed to drawing and giving to a model maker as I do often.   Some of the other are a copy of something I had as a kid. I was always captivated by this inscrutable face, and used it when I first started making jewelry, before realizing I was a designer.

These have all found someone to watch over, so your protector will be made especially for you.  The faces can be made in silver, with or without plate, in any carat gold, or any other metal.   The stones will be selected by me to fit your taste and budget.  So faor example, I could choose the finest blue sapphires for an 18K gold face, and I can get a similar look at a lower price with iolite on gold plated silver.  One extra piece of good news- since I am not keeping these in stock, and they aren't in stores at the moment, I will give you the wholesale price.  

Contact me to discuss what you might want. or 212-688-8600.

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