Bowl of Overflowing Diamonds Bracelet. Sterling cuff with 18K gold dots of diamonds

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The Bowls of Overflowing Diamonds represent abundance- My cup runneth over.
Since writing began, people have been writing about gratitude.  
We know by now gratitude will lead to more joy and serenity - what more beautiful reminder?
On the inside are the words "Love and Gratitude" - in my experience this is a recipe for happiness.   

  • Look for the best in everyone and find magic in someone you didn't enjoy at first.  
  • Look for the best in every situation, and find opportunity in what appears to be crisis
  • Have gratitude for your many blessings - you will find yourself happier: guaranteed!


  • Sterling silver bracelet with 18K Gold dots of diamonds
  • Approximately 60 pts G-VS diamonds.  
  • Silver bracelet is sand blasted and acid washed for a rough and shiny finish.  
  • The inside of the bowl and 18K gold diamond dots have a high polish.

 Let me know if you have a particularly small or large wrist so the bracelet can be adjusted.  

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