Bowl of Overflowing Diamonds on pearls-Bracelet- 18K gold

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The Bowls of Overflowing Diamonds represent abundance.  "My cup runneth over"   Is a beautiful reminder to have gratitude every day.  We all know gratitude will make us happier, yet it seems to be a part of the human condition to overlook our own blessings while we are busy getting through the day.   It is called many things; mindfulness is a popular terms these days, or intention, awareness, how ever we live our days being grateful for our blessings enables us to appreciate them so much more.

Since writing began, people have been writing about gratitude.  Why do we evolve as society, but as individuals still need constant reminders of things we already know?  We know by now gratitude will lead to more joy and serenity, yet we need constant reminders - what more beautiful reminder is there than this?

On the inside are the words "Love and Gratitude" - in my experience this is a recipe for happiness.   

  • Look for the best in everyone and find magic in someone you didn't enjoy at first.  
  • Look for the best in every situation, and find opportunity in what appears to be crisis
  • Have gratitude for your many blessings - you will find yourself happier: guaranteed!

Sterling silver with approximately 25 pts G-VS diamonds.  

Let me know your wrist size in case this needs to be restrung to fit you perfectly.   This can be made to perfectly suit your taste and budget, in any color or karat gold, sterling silver with plate options, any color or quality pearls or gemstones, and even the diamonds can be changed for colored stones.

18K gold Bowl of Diamonds on pearls bracelet.
Sterling silver Bowl of Diamonds on pearls bracelet

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