Clear Crystal Pendant & Earrings, Brown Silk Chain- Cool Clasp- Changeable

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Crystal Pendant necklace with matching earrings, to be sure you have just the right ones.

This very cool and lightweight chain made of brown silk. I've never seen anything quite like this.

The chain is 34", you can double it or cut it to your liking.
Pendant and earrings are 1.0" x 0.6" x 0.4"

The pendant is attached to an incredible clasp - a simple circle with an invisible opening which looks more like part of the design than the clasp. It's functional, too. You can wear the chain in several different ways- long or short, doubled or nested, with or without this pendant, or with other pendants.

Have fun, look elegant, all at a bargain price.

Additional silk chains available, check for colors in stock. $18.00 Each
Let me know if you want additional colors, or want a color other than brown.

Click here if you just want the matching earrings.