Circle Fireworks Inter-changeable, 2-Part Earrings: 14K Gold & Diamonds

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Circle Fireworks earrings - Fireworks remind us to celebrate life, each other and ourselves, every day.  The fireworks collection lends itself so easily to sharing your own story of celebration.  

Two parts, inter-changeable, can be worn with the drop, as a stud, or with other pearls and gemstone drops to match changing outfits, style and moods.

As a female jewelry designer I get to test drive each design.  This was originally one part, but work so much better now in two parts so the top can be worn alone, or with other drops to match changing outfits, style and mood.  I like wearing the firework stud with jumbo crazy shape pearls.  Contact me directly if you want me to design something just for you.  

Approximately 69 pts G-VS diamonds.

18K gold with diamonds $4,900
14K gold with diamonds $3,900
Sterling silver with diamonds, gold or rhodium plate $2,550

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