Crown Ring- CR1-14K Gold & Diamonds. Mixed Gold Color Combinations Available

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The Crown Ring collection - - because all girls are princesses.
We truly are, and if you don't believe me, try this:  Ask any little girl under the age of 4 if she is a 'real' princess - - they all own it. You will make their day and get some very funny stories.  Best part is they burst out in smiles.

The Crown Ring is made of two rings which fit together with some movement as the dots of diamonds move back and forth to 'hug' each other.

Approx 45 pts G-VS diamonds.
Rings can be worn in a wide variety of ways to dress up or down.
Mix with eternity bands, wear with dots nesting for smaller look (shown) or outwards for a bigger look.
Play with colors in the eternity bands to match outfits and moods 
Have fun finding new ways to mix these with the rings you have already.

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