Decision Coin Necklace: "Look / Leap" Sterling Silver with Diamonds

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Look before you leap.  Right?   Well, as with many things, the answer is sometimes, and sometimes not.  As British Prime Minister David Lloyd George said "Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."

Personally, I am a real "leap first" girl.  Off I go, especially if the situation scares me, preferring to dive right in than contemplate in fear.  Okay- I can admit that there are times when, after the leap, while flying through the air wondering how I am going to land, that it seems some looking first might be in order.  What is the planning thing people have mentioned? 

Look or leap?  Leap or look?  Sometimes we need more of one or the other, and we all need one or the other sometimes.  

Decisions decisions. Why waste all those years on education and therapy when you can just flip a coin?This could be so much more fun!

Current Coins Include:
Look / Leap Necklace  -                 Look / Leap Coin Only
His Way / Her Way Necklace  -      His Way / Her Way Coin Only

Her Way / Her Way Necklace -      Her Way / Her Way Coin Only
Work Out / Pig Out Necklace -       Work Out / Pig Out Coin Only

Be Naughty / Be Nice Necklace -   Be Naughty / Be Nice Coin Only 
Gratitude / Entitlement Necklace - Gratitude / Entitlement Coin Only

Click here for all Decision Coin Jewelry  (There may be more posted after I post the list above)

Do you have your own idea of what should be on a coin?  Contact me for custom orders.  What fun!

Each coin the size of a US quarter ($.25) in sterling silver, and including the holder is approximately 1.5" X 1.2"

Coin necklaces contain three diamonds each, (one in the holder and one on each side of the coin) 
Approx 7.5 pts G-VS color (white and sparkly) 

Coins can be removed and exchanged. Other coins.  If you want multiple coins, contact me for better pricing.

The coin alone makes a great gift for him!

Jewelry with meaning gives more meaning to gifts.