Fireworks-Starburst earrings-18K Gold with diamonds

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 Starburst Earrings, from the Fireworks Collection.  Because life is a celebration.  Sometimes we get so tied up with getting through the day that we forget to celebrate, ourselves, each other, everything. Living with gratitude, celebrating our blessing, lifts us to a more joyful life, and inspires others in our lives as we lead by example. The jewelry is worn for beauty, and cherished for layers of discovery as it supports us as a wearable talisman, in being our best selves, and opens conversations for even deeper discovery as ideas are discussed with others. Lead on!

Starburst Drops can be made to order, either as a drop alone, or to be worn on a stud earring with a chain any length you want (one of the advantages of buying directly from the artist).  If you want a long drop length now, and change your mind later, I can change that, too. A little ring at the top of the chain allows you to easily put them onto your stud, or as shown here with fireworks studs.  See photos as better explanation.

Approx 50 pts G-VS diamonds. Full cut, bezel set.

18K and diamond starburst drop
14K and diamond starburst drop
Sterling and diamond starburst drop

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