Fleur De Lis Pendant/Necklace or Pearl Enhancer-Silver, 18K Gold, Center Diamonds

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The Fleur de Lis disk necklace in Diamonds set in Sterling Silver and/or Gold. The diamonds I use are G-VS, which means they are very white and sparkly.  

  • Inter-changeable pendant:  Has a loop on the back so it can be worn with chains and cords. 
  • Pearl Enhancer: Has an unusual clip which is designed to wear on pearls, and can also be worn with beads and cords.  It only works with some chains, if they have the right thickness and link. 
  • Necklace: This can be set on a chain, pearls, etc. if you just want to grab and go without thinking about changing it. Thickness, materials, length, etc. are all your choice.  

Priced here is sterling silver, with a solid 18K gold fleur de lis, with three diamonds across the center. The diamonds are G-VS, which means that they are very white and sparkly. 

This design can be customized to fit your taste and budget.  Aside from chaining the clip, it can be made in all sterling silver, silver and gold combinations, or in all gold of any karat.  We can also use more or fewer diamonds to fit your bling taste. 

A few sample options:

*  All sterling silver, three diamonds in the center, approximately 6-7.5 pts of diamonds: $450.00

*  18K Gold Fleur de Lis set in sterling silver priced in 3 variations:

*  All 18K Gold, Center diamonds and diamonds in every dot, approximately 48-52 points: About $6,000.00 (gold prices checked upon your request)

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This is a great gift for both men and women.

The fleur de lis can be made in many variations of necklaces, earrings, cuff-links, lapel-pins, rings, money clips, etc.  Custom orders are easy, and if you start with a few diamonds and change your mind, we can always add more later. There is no right or wrong- just what you like. Let's make this perfect for you.  


Dating back to ancient Egypt, the Fleur de Lis has always been steeped in mystery, and has always represented three things:

  • Power
  • Enlightenment
  • Good Luck

As the story goes, Louis X or Louis XI (no one is sure) was about to lose France in a battle. The other army was stronger in size and weapons, and were better fed and stronger.  Louis put the already ancient symbol on his shield for power and luck. Contrary to all expectations, he won the battle and saved France.  He declared the Fleur de Lis to be the symbol of France. There were even times it was illegal for anyone but French nobility to display the symbol, which might explain why it is so closely associated with class and elegance. 

Another mystery is the meaning of Fleur de Lis.  I always thought it meant Flower of Louis.  Some say it only means Lily Flower.  Like everything else about the Fleur de Lis, it's a mystery.