"Happy Bird" Pendant or Pin. Sterling Silver with a diamond eye.

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Happy bird in sterling silver with diamond eye.  On the back the words "LET'S SING"  When I made this it was inspired by a woman in an elevator here in NY city who exclaimed "I'm so happy I'm singing."  She gave me such a smile I made this for her (don't know who she is, by the way). I could not fit that whole sentence on the back of the happy birdie, so we reduced to the version you see here. Then I wrote a poem to the bird.

"Happy Bird Haiku"
This thing called wildlife.
Pigeons coo on windowsill.
New York nature girl.

2.25" x 1.4" x .25"

Can be made for you as a pin, or on a bale for inter-changeable chains or colored cords, or I can set it on a chain for you.  As usual, just let me know what you want, and we'll make it perfect for  you.

This can be made in any metal, platinum, any karat of gold, sterling silver, etc.  I have only made it in sterling silver, so other versions will be priced upon request. I'll be happy to do so for you.  

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