Boxing Glove Key Ring.18K Gold

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BOXING GLOVE PENDANT: Keep Fighting. For good, health, love, life - - keep fighting.

The three pieces of advice I give to young people:
1. Never give up.
2. Never give up.
3. Never give up.

Ok - - ironically, at some time we also must learn to know when to fold 'em.... but that is a conversation for another day.

Think about this: in sports the only reason someone has to lose, is because there is an arbitrary end of the game.  In life, the game goes on.  Life is not a pie, not a zero sum game where someone has to lose for someone else has to win.  Even what appears to be loss in life, often just clears the way for better.   

This is hand made to order in 18K, so please understand it will take a little time.  I will try to move as quickly as possible.