Daisy earrings, 18K and pink, yellow, orange or white sapphires

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Daisy earrings in 18K gold with changeable centers. Available in precious or semi precious gemstones.  Pink, yellow, orange or white sapphires $4850.   Blue sapphires, ruby, emerald, tanzanite and diamonds vary greatly according to quality, and are priced upon request.  Semi precious in 18K gold. $4,450

Choose your own color combinations- spectacular colors, each one a gift from the earth.  Isn't it incredible that if you can imagine a color or catch a rainbow, the earth has already made it in a stone?  Available in many stones-really almost any stones,including aquamarine, peridot, iolite, garnet, rhodalite, chrysaprase and amethyst, pink tourmaline, ruby, emerald, sapphires in any color except red because when they are red they are rubies! And of course, diamond. Priced upon request.

Timeless, fresh and chic. These will liven up any outfit and never go out of style.