Vintage Sapphire Huggie Earrings, 18K Gold

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 Vintage Blue Sapphire Huggie Earrings set in 18K Gold

Approximately 0.58" x 0.37" x 0.20"

There is something visceral about decorating our bodies.  All people on earth, and through all time, decorate ourselves in many ways.  Before becoming an accidental jewelry designer I had little interest in jewelry or accumulating any, but being human I felt better with some adornment.  I did wear and cherish a few especially classic and beautiful pieces of jewelry.  

These were the earrings I wore and loved almost every day for many years.  Check out the necklace I wore with them: 
Click here for vintage Tiffany Else Peretti Open Heart Necklace

These have been much loved from the 1980's until 2000 when I started my own jewelry line. They've been in the back of my safe since then, and need to be worn and loved again.  


  • Designer: Unknown
  • Stones: Blue Sapphires
  • Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
    • Hallmark: 750
    • Location: Back of Earrings
  • Size: Approximately 0.58" x 0.37" x 0.20"
    • See photos next to a dime for perspective.


More vintage pieces are waiting to be loved and much as I love them- - maybe you or yours?