Decision Coin "Be Naughty / Be Nice" Sterling Silver with Diamonds

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The first time I showed these decision coins, a woman looked at the "Be Naughty / Be Nice" coin and indignantly said:
"Well- MY husband would never want me to be naughty!"  Seriously?  Not having much of a filter, I replied "Oh my. Would you like the number of a good divorce lawyer?" One way or another- she was going to need one if she doesn't learn to be fun-naughty at least once in a while!

Nice is Nice.  Naughty is fun.  Why choose? No more judgment!  As long as you're kind, be whatever makes you happy.

If you can't decide- inspirational jewelry helps!

Decisions decisions. Why waste all those years on education and therapy when you can just flip a coin?  Why argue with your sweetie when you can just flip a coin?  This could be so much more fun!

Current Coins Include:
Look / Leap Necklace  -                 Look / Leap Coin Only
His Way / Her Way Necklace  -      His Way / Her Way Coin Only

Her Way / Her Way Necklace -      Her Way / Her Way Coin Only
Work Out / Pig Out Necklace -       Work Out / Pig Out Coin Only

Be Naughty / Be Nice Necklace -   Be Naughty / Be Nice Coin Only 
Gratitude / Entitlement Necklace - Gratitude / Entitlement Coin Only

Click here for all Decision Coin Jewelry  (There may be more posted after I post the list above)

Do you have your own idea of what should be on a coin?  Contact me for custom orders.  What fun!

Each coin the size of a US quarter ($.25) in sterling silver, and including the holder is approximately 1.5" X 1.2"

Coin necklaces contain three diamonds each, (one in the holder and one on each side of the coin) 
Approx 7.5 pts G-VS color (white and sparkly) 

Coins can be removed and exchanged. Other coins.  If you want multiple coins, contact me for better pricing.

The coin alone makes a great gift for him!

Jewelry with meaning gives more meaning to gifts.