Superstar Necklace. Fireworks Pendant-Sterling Silver & diamonds with plate options

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SUPERSTAR NECKLACE. Now Those are fireworks! Life is a Celebration. We all know that pausing to appreciate our blessings, and living in gratitude, will enable us to better appreciate what is right in front of us, and will lift us into joy.   Somehow, we all need reminders, and that is one of the inspirations of The Fireworks Jewelry Collection.  Even more, as we develop the spiritual muscle memory and more naturally live with joy and gratitude, we also inspire others in our life as we lead by example.  Lead on! 

Of course, you have your own interpretation and messages of joy, celebration, fireworks, special people, holidays, events, etc.  That is the wonderful thing about art, that as an artist we put it into the world, but the interpretations constantly change.  

Fireworks pendant necklace can be worn on cords or a chain.  This can also be made as a pearl enhancer. Versatile, adaptable, chic.

18K & 14K approximately 90 pts G-VS diamonds
Sterling silver Approx 38 pts G-VS diamonds

18K with diamonds
14K with diamonds
Sterling with diamonds and rhodium or gold pate

Celebration Jewelry at it's best!

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All gifts are meaningful- but gifts with significant meaning- inspirational jewelry that shares your message, even gifts to yourself which support and remind you of your own core beliefs and values- those gifts become treasured above all.  They aren't just objects, they open conversations, connections, experiences- this is life.