Superstar Earrings. Fireworks Celebration Jewelry-Sterling Silver with diamonds and plate options

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Superstar earrings, from the Fireworks Jewelry Collection. Because life is a celebration.  When we pause to appreciate and celebrate our blessings, enjoy (rather than overlook) the wonders in our lives, then we are able to live in gratitude.  By doing this, we lift ourselves, and those in our lives as we live for joyfully and lead by example.  

Lightweight despite their size- these are great for a bling-y yet elegant look.  Also available is a Superstar pendant/ necklace, and lots more from The Fireworks Jewelry Collection.  Anything can be altered, made in any metal and stone, to suit your taste, style and budget.

Gold -approximately 62 pts G-VS full cut, bezel set diamonds.
Silver- approximately 45 pts G-VS full cut, bezel set diamonds.

18K with diamonds 
14K with diamonds
Sterling silver with diamonds and rhodium or gold plate

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