Metal Petals- Three Pansy Necklace-14K Gold with Diamond Center

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Captivating organic shapes, these flowers were inspired by actual petal shaped pearls. When I first thought of, and made them, all I wanted was to have earrings to go with the pearls in a way which would be in total harmony, and at the same time not too matchy-matchy. We took a mold of the pearls, cast them in silver and gold, and added the center in my signature dots of diamonds.  

These shapes, which come from life and from the sea, seem to resonate naturally with everyone in unexpectedly strong ways.  This flower has now become a staple in my collection and takes many variations in earrings, necklaces, pearl enhancers, bracelets, etc.  As many times as I have seen the way this flower viscerally resonates with people, the strength of the reaction still surprises me. Timeless, elegant and fresh.

The other thing which seems to resonate with people is that there are three flowers in this design.  For some reason people like threes, in concept and visual designs.  I am not sure why- it just does. If you have any ideas about this, please write and share your thoughts.

The larger flower is about the size of a nickle, the smaller a bit smaller than a dime. Approx. 24- 26 pts G-VS diamonds.

Let me know if you would like earrings to match, and which size.  I am also happy to make variations to suit you perfectly.

Three Pansy Necklace:
18K gold with diamonds
14K gold with diamonds (This one!)
Sterling silver with diamonds

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