Peace and Lots of It. 18K Gold & Abundance Overflow of Diamonds

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Peace and lots of it. Need I say more?  Well, yeah: Peace - - it should be obvious, and yet not only do we need more in the world, we don't even have peace in our own lives, as we become more and more divided and divisive. As Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Peace: Be it. Wear it as reminder to ourselves and to others. Lead on!


The overflowing diamonds in the peace symbol represent abundance. We need an abundance of peace, in the world, and in this divided world, in our relationships with those we view as other, because there is no other.

Wearing or holding physical manifestations of our core beliefs close to our heart acts as a talisman, a touchstone, supporting our message, both for ourselves and to the world. Often the jewelry, which is worn for beauty, also open conversations, allowing us to subtly lead to a better place. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

Approx 10 pts G-VS diamonds.
Abut the size of a quarter:  0.85" X 0.85" X 0.10"

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Whenever you give a gift, you touch someone's heart.  If the gift also shares, supports and brings to mind shared values and messages, then the gift is more likely to become a treasured talisman, reminder of both core values, and the giver - even if the giver and receiver are one and the same.