Pro-Truth Pledge Logo Pendant: Pen Tip & Light Bulb. 14K Gold

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Show your commitment to truth and spread the word about the Pro-Truth Pledge!  If you haven’t signed the Pro-Truth Pledge, please take a moment to add your name at to support the fight against misinformation and incivility in public discourse. The profit from every sale of Pro-Truth Pledge jewelry will be donated to Intentional Insights, the 501(c)3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization that runs the Pro-Truth Pledge.

The elegant lapel pins and pendants feature the pen tip and light bulb from the Pro-Truth Pledge logo. Designed and handcrafted by Jane A. Gordon for Intentional Insights, it makes a minimalist and sophisticated statement, letting you show off your commitment to truth and facts in style. The reverse features an embossed logo of the Pro-Truth Pledge project.

This pendant has a loop on the back so you can wear it on your own chain, and on colored cords. 

Shown on this page as a pendant/necklace, the pen tip/ logo is also currently available as a lapel pin.  If you want this made in anything that has not been posted yet, it can easily be made as cuff links, earrings, key rings, money clips, etc.  It's all made to order, and easily customized to your taste and budget.

The jewelry is available in sterling silver, in any color and karat of gold, and platinum.  Silver can be plated in 18K gold or rhodium plate.   If you are getting gold, let me know what karat and color of gold you want - yellow, green, rose, white, or black rhodium.  Everything is made to order, so let's make this to perfectly match your taste and budget.  Jewelry is posted in 18K gold, 14K gold, and sterling silver.  Any other versions will be priced upon request.

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Pendant 1.0" x .75"
18K gold 
14K gold
Sterling silver 

Lapel Pin 0.9" x 0.6"
18K Gold
14K Gold
Sterling Silver