Shades of Grey (not 50) Necklace. Petal Pearls, Rock Crystals, Tiny Hematite Stars.

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Shades of Grey (not 50) Necklace: 
Light Grey Chinese Petal Pearls, Tiny Dark Grey Hematite Stars, Clear Rock Crystal Reflects the Other Shades.

Grey petal shaped pearls, rock crystal, tiny hematite stars divide the elements into sets of three.  Somehow, threes resonate with us. 
A long extender chain with a pearl hanging down the back is both practical and sexy.  
In an effort to show you the colors I include both edited, which looks better to post, and unedited photos.  This is a really fun statement piece, very feminine without being at all childish.  If I looked good in grey I would keep one for myself.   I split the materials into two parts, and was about to make two of these,  If you love the materials and want something even bolder, buy both and wear then layered, or let me know how you want it changed.   
Grab them while they last.  There are only two.