Metal Petals. 7 Petal Necklace-14K Gold

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These flowers were inspired by actual petal shaped pearls. At first, all I wanted was to have earrings to go with the pearls which were in total harmony without being too matchy-matchy. We took a mold of the pearls, cast them in silver and gold, and arranged them as drop petals.  In other variations we soldered the petals together into a flower shape, and then added diamond centers.

Then something surprised me; these these shapes which come from life and from the sea seem to resonate with everyone, and get almost a visceral attraction.  Maybe because they come from the see, as we do, too.  This design had now become a staple in my collection. Timeless, elegant and fresh.

Do let me know if/how you would like this customized, what length you want, and any other way I can make this perfect for you.

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