The Imperial Crown Ring- 20 Carat Gemstones with Diamonds in 18K Gold

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Imperial Crown Ring. The Crown Ring Collection exists because all girls are princesses.  Really, test the theory!  When you meet little girls under age 5ish, ask them with a sense of wonder in your voice if they are a 'real' princess.  They always own it- and you'll make their day!

But I digress - - - 

The Imperial Crown is for the few who rise above, who are true Empresses!  Celebrate your "Inner Empress".

Each center stone approx 18-20 carats, surrounded by 18 pts G-VS diamonds.

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18K $6,500: Lemon Gem, Green Chrisoprase 
18K $7,200: Morganite

Sterling Silver $2500: Citrine, Rose or Olive Quartz, Blue Topaz, Green Chrisoprase.
Sterling Silver $ 3,200: Morganite

Additional stones priced by request.