The Imperial Crown Ring- 20 Carat Gemstones with Diamonds in 18K Gold

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The Crown Ring Collection exists because all girls are princesses.  Really, test the theory!  When you meet little girls under age 4ish, ask them with a sense of wonder in your voice if they are a 'real' princess.  They always own it- and you'll make their day!

But I digress - - - 

All girls are princesses, but The Imperial Crown Ring is for the few who rise above, who are true Empresses!

Know but don't show your power.  Have the grace to make others feel graceful, the power to make others feel powerful.

Celebrate your "Inner Empress".

Each center stone approximately 18-20 carats, surrounded by 18 pts G-VS diamonds.

We can make these in any metal and gem combination. 

Below are currently in stock and can be sized.  

18K Gold with diamonds: 

  • Blue Topaz, size 6
  • Lemon Gem, size 6.5
  • Morganite, size 7

Sterling Silver with diamonds: 

  • Citrine, size 6.5
  • Rose Quartz, 6.25
  • Olive Quartz, 6.25
  • Blue Topaz, 8.25
  • Morganite, 6