Wave Stacking Rings- 18K Gold with Diamonds.

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Wave stacking rings.  These are my favorite stacking rings to wear.  In addition to being incredibly comfortable, they stack easily with colored eternity rings to coordinate with different outfits.  Most of us have a few colors which will match most of our clothing. I keep eternity bands in white, black and brown diamonds, and pink and orange sapphires.  What are your go-to colors?

Create an understated look with just wave rings nested together, add a little bling or color with diamond eternity bands and other colored gemstone rings, or go crazy and just keep stacking for that big night out.  Switch them constantly to fit ever changing quirks, moods, styles fashion, outfits and situations. 

The thing that really makes these rings magical is the organic yet elegant look. They are constantly noticed, commented on and complimented.  If we wanted color, we could just wear the eternity bands. These wave stacking rings, add light and art, and a hand made understated elegance, especially when juxtaposed with the bling. 

Another advantage of stacking rings is that most of us have fluctuating weight, and wearing more or fewer changes how the rings fit.  If we are retaining water and our fingers a bit larger, we can wear fewer rings.  When our finger is a bit smaller, more rings will fit better.

Wave stacking rings are available in any metal, any color and karat of gold, etc. We can also exchange the diamonds for any other gemstone.  Priced here with diamonds set in 18K gold, 14K gold and sterling silver. Other metals and stones are priced upon request. 

Generally I have size 7 is in inventory, in 18K gold and sterling silver.  Other sizes are made to order.  We want to fit your perfectly.

Each ring has approximately 21 pts G-VS Diamonds (white, sparkly and eye clean).

These are the prices per ring. You are likely going to want more than one, and some stacking rings, too.  Contact me for pricing several rings together.

$1350.00 18K gold & diamonds wave stacking ring.
$1150.00 14K gold & diamonds wave stacking ring.
$ 660.00 Sterling silver & diamonds wave stacking ring 

And you are going to want eternity bands and more, so
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