Large Silk Scarf (can also be worn as a shawl) Fireworks on a night sky

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Fireworks- because Life is a Celebration. Take the time to celebrate the small moments as well as the milestones.

The Superstar necklace is pictured on the scarf at the ends where it will highlight your outfit as jewelry would.  In the body of the scarf, very subtly, are the words "Celebrate celebrate celebrate.  Life is a celebration."   If you believe Dr Emoto's theory of "The Hidden Messages in Water" that words effect water, this alone will have a positive effect while being worn, because our bodies are made of water.  At the least, it's a gentle reminder, and a conversation starter.   It's all about gratitude. 

Large silk scarf, can also be worn as a shawl, 20" x 60" $395
Also available in smaller silk scarf 40" x 10" $195

Gifts with meaning, symbolism about your messages, are ever more cherished because they are more than just objects.