Large Silk Scarf (can also be worn as a shawl) Chimp. "Drop the banana."

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Silk scarf adorned with chimpanzee jewelry as a print, along with the story of why this message will help you let it all go and laugh again.

When trappers want to catch a monkey they put a banana in a cage. The monkey comes exploring, squeezes his hand in the cage, and can't get out only because he won't drop the banana. I have read that even as the trappers are coming, and the monkey is screaming in fear, he remains self-trapped.

This is what we do, too. We hold on to pain and anger. When we forgive and forget, we move on in our lives. 
Drop the banana!!!

Drop the Banana silk scarf 40" x 10" $195 (Hand made. One of a kind)
Drop the Banana silk shawl/ scarf 20" x 60" $395 (Hand made. One of a kind)

Chimp necklace with solid gold banana and diamond dot: $1500
Chimp necklace with gold plated banana and diamond dot: $950

Banana Bunch earrings Sterling silver and 18K gold plate- $225
Banana Bunch earrings in 18K gold priced upon request.

Banana Stud earrings 18K gold- $1850
Banana Stud earrings 14K gold- $1480
Banana Stud earrings- sterling silver with 18K gold plate- $95

Anything from the Chimp Collection can be customized for you in any color and karat gold, sterling silver in gold plate, or platinum. 

The Dr. Mann image and story are also printed on silk scarves and can be sued to customize a wide variety of other products to share the message.

The chimp necklace also works as a small sculpture for your desk, shelf or table top. Let me know if you would like this set on something as art rather than jewelry, or something that works as both.

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