Peace of Heart necklace-large-Sterling with plate options

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Peace symbol inside a heart, overflowing with diamonds. 
On the back, the words "Peace of Heart"

There are two inspirations for this. 
One is that when I get noise in my head, I try to get peace in my heart. everything soon becomes clear.
The other is wondering how the world would be different if we all had peace in our hearts.

Approx 12-15 pts G-VS diamonds

18K $5,950
14K $4,750
Sterling with rhodium or 18K gold plate $1,150

Any time you take the time to give a gift to someone (or to yourself) the act alone in touching someone.   When, added to that, you give a gift which specifically shares a message or value that you cherish, the gift itself becomes even more cherished.  Jewelry wth meaning, inspirational, can be worn as a talisman - a reminder of both the giver and the message.