Home Sweet Home. Watercolor mailboxes. Framed art

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This watercolor of mailboxes makes me smile inside thinking of home.  Maybe it's just me because I now live in NY city and never see those types of mailboxes anymore.  But even if I did, there is something charming about an artistic interpretation of something so every day.  I found the frame here in NY city, and think that the greens in the frame highlight and enhance the colors in the painting.   The back of the frame has a hook so you can hang this on a wall, and also has a stand for tabletop. 

The painting is 6.5" x 4.5"  and the frame is 11" x 9"  

This framed watercolor looks great with this Peacock Watercolor which I bought in Zanzibar, Tanzania.  They are connected by size and color harmony, so I put them in matching frames. 


Harmony Across the Planet: Two Watercolor Paintings.
Peacock from Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Mailboxes from Mom, Philadelphia
Framed Original Art. Watercolor on paper.


These two watercolor paintings come from across the planet, show vastly different every-day life, and yet are in perfect harmony in size, color, technique and feeling.


As reminder that we are all one, I framed them to be shown together.


The peacock I bought directly from the artist (shown here) in Zanzibar, Tanzania. We keep touch occasionally, and he was kind enough years later to give some work to a young friend in town.


The painting of the mailboxes I found at my mother’s apartment in Philadelphia. It made me feel nostalgic because they look like mailboxes tucked into bushes at the end of the driveway when I was a kid, and very different from the NY city mailboxes I see now.


The frames I found here in NY city, and the greens highlight and enhance the colors in both paintings. The back of the frame has a hook to hang this on a wall, and a stand for tabletop.


This is also a lovely gift for a child's room. Even if they don't fully understand the value of art, they will grow to appreciate real art as opposed to anything mass produced. Being surrounded by original art is good for the soul, and we artists very much appreciate your support. Artists give our souls to nurture yours.