If We Can't Be the Same Old Sweethearts, We'll Just Be the Same Old Friends: Vintage sheet music, framed.

This has been sold. Please contact me fpr more, not yet framed and posted. Jane@JaneGordon.com or 212-688-8600

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THIS HAS BEEN SOLD.  For more vintage music and other cool vintage gifts, CLICK HERE.

*  Call or check back, there is more to come. I have a fascinating collection of vintage sheet music which will be posted as I find the right frames.  These came from an old family friend.  She seemed to be 100 years old when I was a kid.  She remembered when electricity was invented, and she would tell me stories about Philadelphia (where I grew up) and when the main street, Broad Street, was called Broad Road and it was not paved.  In honor of Miss McCauley, I would love to find ways for new generations to enjoy these vintage works of art from the early 1900's


If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts, We'll Just Be The Same Old Friends' vintage sheet music, framed in double sided glass so the artowrk on both front and back cover can be seen.  


Cover Illustration Illustration of man and woman sitting on a bench
Composer Monaco, James V., 1885-1945
Lyricist McCarthy, Joe
Illustrator/Artist R.S. (Rosebud)
Date (original) 1915
Date of publication 1915;
Publisher New York : Leo. Feist, Inc.
Genre Popular
Performance Medium Piano

Reverse side: Saturday Evening Post quotes and more music.

Sheet music measures 13.5" x 10.5" 
Framed measurements 17.75" x 15.6" x 0.8"
Note: the setting in in glass on both sides- see through (no matting).


Once we were sweethearts,
Not so long ago,
Then I loved you so,
But you didn’t know;
You couldn’t learn to love me,
You’re not to blame,
But I like you just the same;

If we can’t be the same old sweethearts,
Then we’ll just be the same old friends,
For I want someone like you,
Just to tell my troubles to,
My happiness on you it all depends;
For I’ve know you too long to forget you,
And my old dream of love never ends,
Tho’ I know you can’t be mine,
We will meet from time to time,
And we’ll just be the same old friends.
If we friends.

You said you loved me,
Not so long ago,
But you didn’t know,
Sweethearts come and go;
Some day you’ll love another,
And later on,
You may want me, when he’s gone.





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