Where Do We Go From Here? by Howard Johnson and Percy Weinrich. Vintage sheet music, double sided frame.

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Where Do We Go From Here? was a popular tune in 1917 shortly following America's entry into World War I.
The colorful cover features an illustration of a soldier ripping through a page, while the action of World War I occurs behind him.

Composer: Percy Wenrich
Lyricist: Howard Johnson
First published in 1917 by Leo Feist, Inc., in New York, NY.
The sheet music cover features a photo of Collins and Harlin.

Sheet music measures 13.5" x 10.5" 
Framed measurements 17.75" x 15.6" x 0.8"
Note: the setting in in glass on both sides- see through (no matting).

The back side promotes "Stirring Songs of Love and War" as Advertised in The Saturday Evening Post
"If I Had a Son For Each Star in Old Glory"
"I Called You My Sweetheart"

LYRICS (Check the attached YouTube links for recordings):

Pad-dy Mack drove a hack up and down Broad-way,
Pat had one ex-pres-sion and he'd use it ev-'ry day,
An-y time he'd grab a fare, to take them for a ride,
Pad-dy jumped up-on the seat, - cracked his whip and cried:

"Where do we go from here, boys? Where do we go from here?"
An-y-where from Har-lem to a Jer-sey Cit-y pier,
When Pat would spy a pret-ty girl, he'd whis-per in her ear:
"Oh, joy! Oh, boy! Where do we go from here?"

One fine day, on Broad-way, Pat was driv-ing fast,
When the street was blown to pie-ces by a sub-way blast,
Down the hole poor Pad-dy went, a-think-ing of his past,
Then he says, says he, I think these words will be my last:

"Where do we go from here, boys? Where do we go from here?"
Pad-dy's neck was in the wreck, but still he had no fear,
He saw a dead man next to him and whis-pered in his ear:
"Oh, joy! Oh, boy! Where do we go from here?"

First of all, at the call, when the war be-gan,
Pat en-list-ed in the ar-my as a fight-ing man,
When the drills be-gan they'd walk a hun-dred miles a day,
Tho' the rest got tir-ed, Pad-dy al-ways used to say:

"Where do we go from here, boys? Where do we go from here?"
Slip a pill to Kai-ser Bill and make him shed a tear,
And when we see the en-e-my we'll shoot them in the rear,
"Oh, joy! Oh, boy! Where do we go from here?"

 * Call or check back, there is more to come. I have a fascinating collection of vintage sheet music which will be posted as I find the right frames.  These came from an old family friend.  She seemed to be 100 years old when I was a kid.  She remembered when electricity was invented, and she would tell me stories about Philadelphia (where I grew up) and when the main street, Broad Street, was called Broad Road and it was not paved.  In honor of Miss McCauley, I would love to find ways for new generations to enjoy these vintage works of art from the early 1900's

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