Watercolor Sunflower, signed, framed in multi layer matting.

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Hand painted watercolor sunflower.  The signature is a little hard to read, but seems to say Mickey Tarunlino.  This was at my mother's apartment, but she doesn't remember where she bought it.   
The frame is from here in NY city.  I tried the painting in several frames which picked up the colors of the flower, but in this understated frame it really pops. What makes it look most elegant are the multi layers of depth in the various mats and interior frames.  
This would be perfect anywhere.  It can hang on a wall or sit on a desk or shelf.  Great for kids, teens or adults, and extremely affordable while looking for a whole lot more.  
It is my experience that surrounding yourself with art nurtures the soul.  Giving gifts of art means that the person who has the piece, will always feel the warmth of the lovingly given gift, so that adds to the physical beauty art adds to any environment.  Artists give our souls to nurture yours - and it's so worthwhile!  
11" x 9" x 1.25"