Nude Drawing: Charcoal & pastel on grey paper. 04

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 This might sound strange, so be it.  

Although I spend my entire life writing poetry, drawing, painting etc. It was a complete surprise becoming an accidenatl jewelry designer, and that the artistry of it came so effortlessly.   Still it never occurred to me that I am an artist. Perhaps only unnamed, or inadvertantly comparing myself to the incredible talent of my mother, Tamara, who is also an architect, anthropologist and lawyer.  

Showing my jewelry on cruise ships for five years, traveling intensively, I discovered the world and at the same time, discovered myself. The driving hunger to create finally made me notice that I am an artist.  

The good news: All my life people have been telling me I'm weird.  
Now I know why, and that it's a good thing.
Thank heavens for artists and weirdos.

While posting art and gifts I collected worldwide, I remembered some of my own art in the back of a closet.  It never occurred to me to show it to anyone.  Well, since this is my site- I don't need to ask- so here it is.  First time in public and now available to the world.

  • If you are interested in my framing these, just let me know.   
  • 24" x 19" unframed.