Abundance Hoop Earrings-Sterling Silver & Diamonds in an Abundant Overflow

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The beauty of traditional hoop earrings - -  with a twist.  Diamonds appear to be falling from a small opening at the end, and then overflowing into the center of the earrings.  This represents abundance, as a reminder to ourselves to have gratitude and awareness of the abundance in our lives.  Only in this way are we fully able to appreciate and enjoy our many blessings.  

We all know that this gratitude will keep us happier, and yet, we are all focused on the tasks at hand, whatever is in front of us at any given moment, what ever we are imagining and working towards, or just getting through our day.  It seems to be the human condition to need reminders of many things we already know, such as keeping our blessings in mind with gratitude, even while working towards other goals.  

The Abundance Hoops are a beautiful reminder to live in gratitude, both for self, to open conversations with others in our lives.  The best way to lead is by example.  Lead on!  

Approximately 1 carat of G-VS rated diamonds.  
Approximate height is 1.20 inches x width 1" -  They are the width of a quarter but slightly higher.  

18k gold with diamonds: Abundance hoop earrings
14k gold with diamonds: Abundance hoop earrings
Sterling silver with diamonds: Abundance hoop earrings

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Abundance hoops can be made in any color and karat gold, sterling silver with 18K gold or rhodium plate, or platinum.  The diamonds can be changed for other gemstones, or different colored diamonds. Variations priced upon request.

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