Coral Briolettes and Chinese Freshwater Pearls on Bold Gold Chain Necklace

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Pantone announced coral as 2019 color of the year.  Shop windows are filled with coral colored clothing, so of course I had to make coral jewelry for you to beautifully compliment this year's stunning color. The peach colors add pop to darker fall and winter clothing in black, browns, blues, etc, and radiate with lighter spring and summer clothing in creams and light colors.

The color of the coral briolette beads is a fabulous peachy coral. I am having trouble capturing the actual color in pictures, and will try again soon.  Note also that there are not more of this shape coral beads on hand, so if you like these, grab them now.

These necklaces are funky statement pieces, yet the pearls add a touch of elegance.  Genuine pearls just make everything look better. Coral and pearls, both wonderful gifts from the sea, work in perfect harmony to each other, and are a compliment to the wearer. 

The longer necklaces are approximately 24" each, and the shorter one is approximately 18" and all can be changed to fit your taste and style.  Just let me know what works for you. Most of the coral collection I've made on gold chains as the colors work for me.  But this is not for me, it's for you, and in case you prefer silver, I've made one with gold links to the silver chain to blend best. Just let me know which you want- all can be customized.

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