Natural Spiky Tube Coral Necklaces on Bold Gold Chain, 18K Gold Plate

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Pantone announced that coral is color of the year for 2019, shop windows are filled with coral colored clothing, so of course I had to make my coral into jewelry. The peach colors cheer up fall and winter clothing, and radiate in the spring and summer.

The colors are stunning, and they are truly beautiful shades of coral and blend well with all peaches, orange, Salmon, etc.  They also brighten neutral outfits in all shades of cream, black, brown, navy, etc. 

These colors very much match the Pantone picture.  The chain is plated in yellow gold.   I am having trouble capturing the actual color in pictures, and will try again soon.  

Note also that these are one of a kind, so if you love them, get them now.  

Natural, slightly spiky shaped coral on bold, gold chains are the most minimalist of the collection. Wear them alone, or layered with other necklaces.  Both necklaces have a wonderfully organic look. One features a bit of turquoise in harmonious shapes that blend perfectly with the coral.

Coral with gold beads on gold chain is currently 17"
Coral with turquoise accents on gold chain is currently 18.5" --> SOLD

The bold chain is 18K gold plated metal, which I believe will hold the color indefinitely.  Although the design is timeless, I made these fun jewelry prices rather than using solid gold.  If you want a change, now or in the future, just ask. 

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