Heart Flow Necklace with Overflowing Diamonds in 18K Gold

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This heart is overflowing with diamonds, representing overflowing love.  I just came across an early description of this design where I had written something about extra love.  What on earth was I thinking?  How can there be extra love, as if maybe there is a possibility of too much love?  Those words just don't make sense together. The wonderful thing about love is that the more we give away, the more we have to enjoy.  It's a beautiful world in that way.

The pendant is about the size of a nickel, with approx 12 pts G-VS diamonds.  Shown here in both 18K gold and sterling silver, both with overflowing diamonds, of course.

This will be custom made for you, so please let me know what color gold works best for you.  If you want to exchange the diamonds for other stones we can do that, too.  It's my pleasure to make this so it's exactly what you will most love.

Click here for 18K gold with diamonds (This one!)
Click here for 14K gold with diamonds
Click here for Sterling Silver with diamonds

Whether a gift to someone else, or to yourself, when you choose one which also expresses your own personal message it becomes and even more cherished and meaningful gift.  This heart necklace works for women of any age.  In this age of everything disposable, it's lovely to give a child something which she can enjoy throughout her live.

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