Hearts-Lucky Break Necklace-Large-18K Gold with Overflowing Diamonds

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Lucky Break heart pendant on chain-
It's all about Hidden Blessings and not wasting our time upsetting ourselves instead of looking for the best.

Diamonds fall from the broken heart. On the back, the words "Lucky Break" as a reminder that if the heart didn't break open, the diamonds would not have been found. It's about having faith that things will work out, and having the foresight to look for opportunity in what only appears to be crisis. Do we really know what is bad or good in the long term?  What appears to be loss is often just clearing the way for blessings. 

Always remember:  Sometimes NOT getting what we want IS our LUCKY BREAK.

This works for anyone, and is an especially meaningful gift from mother to a daughter. What better way to teach happiness, then that there is no failure, only opportunity in what appears to be crisis.

All gifts are meaningful because they are gifts (sometimes to ourselves). But a gift which symbolizes your messages of joy, which act as talismans, are sure to be cherished. They are more than objects. They are conversations, success, leadership - - they are life!

Lucky break heart comes in large, medium and small.  I can make it for you in platinum, any color of gold, in 18K gold, 14K gold or sterling silver, and the silver is available with white rhodium or gold plate.  So no worries about the prices- we can find an option which suits your budget.

Approximately 14 pts G-VS diamonds in the Large Lucky Break.  Also available in Sterling Silver, 14K gold and more by special order. 

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