Custom Design: Illusion Piercing Arrow Ring - Sterling Silver (plate options)

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This Arrow Ring gives the illusion that it is piercing through the finger.  Just a little bit of elegant silliness.  Do those thing go together?

For the arrow to fly forward, it must first be pulled back.  Perhaps a good reminder that perceived setbacks are really only setting us up for flying success, and that we should take the challenges with ease and joy.

Available in 18K gold, 14K gold (any carat), silver, platinum or even base metal.  Check out the 18K gold with diamonds. Of course, let me know what color you want. The silver rings can be plated in 18K gold or white rhodium.  Let's work together to fit your taste and budget.   I can also make a diamond version for you.  Let's talk! or 212-688-8600.