Custom Design: Arrow Wrap Ring - 14K Gold

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For the arrow to fly forward, it must first be pulled back.  Perhaps a good reminder that the perceived setback are setting us up for flying success, and that we should take them with ease and joy.  When facing adversity, instead of feeling sad or frightened, be excited for the flight.

Another idea behind the arrow jewelry is about being careful and kind.  We can aim an arrow, but once shot can not be recalled, so aim carefully.
 Likewise, words can't be unsaid or actions undone.  

Tell your own story with your gifts.... these are just the ideas behind the design but there is no right interpretation.  Art is not a monologue, it is only art as an ongoing conversation where you and yours carry it forward.  If you have a story to tell with this gift, contact me and I can create graphics for you as a card, tote bag, etc.  So many products can be available to continue the story.

This is also available in 18K gold or sterling silver.   I've not yet made a diamond version, but can do so if you want one. 
Let me know what color you want: Yellow, green, rose, white or black rhodium.